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Centrumvägen 24 A
155 80 Nykvarn

Telefon 08-555 010 00

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Södertörns larmbord, 08-721 23 13


Restaurant and Café


There are many renowned restaurants and cosy cafés in Nykvarn.

Surprise your loved one with a romantic three-course dinner, feast on cake in a castle or enjoy a platter of cured meats in the evening sun. Take the family to a cosy food café or live it up with a grill buffet and troubadour evening in a golf setting. All this and more can be found in Nykvarn.

Alla Tiders Matlagare

Address: Bruksgatan 1, 155 33 Nykvarn
Phone: +4687756114


Is located in the centre of Nykvarn
Phone: +46855240404

Kafé Änglagott

Address: Centrumvägen 4, 155 30 Nykvarn
Phone: +46855490930

Larssons Lada

Address: Skäggetorp, Taxinge
Phone: +46705298529

Mångfaldens Café

Address: Gamla Strängnäsvägen 341, 155 91 Nykvarn
Phone: +46855240502

New mill grill

Is located in the centre of Nykvarn
Phone: +46854611377

Restaurang Terrassen

Address: Gammeltorpsvägen 3, 155 30 Nykvarn
Phone: +46855245490

Sushi & Thai

Is located in the centre of Nykvarn
Phone: +46855936225

Taxinge krog

Address: Näsby handel, 155 93 Nykvarn
Phone: +4615970017

Taxinge Slottscafé

Address: Taxinge Castle/Slott, Näsby 52, 155 93 Nykvarn
Phone: +4615970114

Turinge ost & vin

Address: Gamla Strängnäsvägen 335, 155 91 Nykvarn
Phone: +46855807360

Vidbynäs kök & bar

Address: Vidbynäs, 155 91 Nykvarn
Phone: +46854602060

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