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Civil marriage

Impediments to marriage

Prior to booking time for a marriage ceremony, you must apply for a certificate of no impediment through the Swedish Tax Agency. Individuals who are registered abroad must also apply for a certificate of no impediment.

If there are no impediments to marriage you will receive two certificates. One regarding impediments and a marriage licence. The certificates are valid for four months.

When applying for a marriage licence, if you also wish to change your surname you can apply for this through the Swedish Tax Agency.

Read more about what applies to you on the Swedish Tax Agency’ s website.

Booking a marriage registrar

It is the County Administrative Board which appoints marriage registrars and there are four in the municipality of Nykvarn.

To book a marriage ceremony you can contact them via e-mail:

Ingela Evegård, e-mail: ingela.evegard@outlook.com

Liselotte Palmborg, e-mail: liselotte.palmborg@nykvarn.se

Sylvia Krenn, e-mail: sylvia.krenn@nykvarn.se

Meta Broddare, e-mail: metabroddare@gmail.com

Hand over the certificates prior to the marriage ceremony

The originals of the certificate of no impediment and the marriage licence must be provided to the Customer Centre together with the marriage ceremony booking at least three weeks prior to the marriage ceremony.

Street address: Customer Centre in Nykvarn’ s Kommunhus, Centrumvägen 26.

Postal address: Kundcenter, Nykvarns Kommun, 155 80 Nykvarn.


It does not cost anything to get married if one of the parties is registered as living in Nykvarn in the Swedish national population register.

If neither party is registered in the Swedish national population register as living in Nykvarn, you must pay an administration fee of 500 SEK. The fee is paid using

Bankgiro 5376-3975  State name and date of marriage ceremony.

The fee is paid when you hand over the documents; the money must be received by the municipality before the ceremony can start.


At least two individuals who are of age must attend the marriage ceremony. They must be able to prove their identity.


You and your two witnesses must identify yourselves to the marriage registrar.

Language and interpretation

The municipality offers marriage ceremonies in Swedish and English. It is important that you understand what is being said during the ceremony.

If you require an interpreter, you must hire and pay for a trained interpreter yourself. An attested copy of the interpreter’ s basic interpreter training must be enclosed with your application or sent separately.

The couple being married cannot interpret for each other and you cannot use children, friends or acquaintances as interpreters.

The couple being married pay any travel expenses for the interpreter.

Place for the marriage ceremony

There is a small marriage ceremony room in the library, Erik’ s room. It is possible to book the room at no cost during the ordinary opening hours of the library.

After the marriage ceremony

We inform the Swedish Tax Agency that the marriage has taken place. The Swedish Tax Agency has a turnaround time of between three and five weeks until they can issue registered personal information showing that you are married.

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